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Blog — Tales

ecru's inspiration and a look behind the scene of how we make our products

"The Octopus's Secret Wish"

There is something quite magical about an octopus, almost otherworldly.  With its fantastic tentacles moving swiftly in the deepest ends of the ocean.  This mysterious creature is fascinating to us, and at ecru most of the inspiration came from the prints of octopuses in vintage storybooks and encyclopedias.  It is the mystical essence of the octopus that we wanted to recreate in our fabric.    Hussah  (Images courtesy of Img Fave, Pinterest, Vintage Printable, and ecru) 
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Claire McCardell's Form and Function

Beautiful design always catches the eye, but when there is functionality to a dress you feel a stronger bond to the piece.  Claire McCardell was famous for her sophisticated and functionally designed clothes, which was a reflection of American women’s needs in the 1940s and 1950s.   Considered to be the founder of American ready-to-wear fashion, McCardell felt it was necessary to make clothes both comfortable and feminine.  She felt that a woman when comfortable in what she wore can be quite elegant, and stated: “clothes may make the woman, but the woman can also make the clothes.”   Her design aesthetic of “casual elegance” is one of our mottos here at ecru, because life is all about the simple luxuries.   Hussah...
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John Rawlings' Beauty of Naturalness

“I want to make beautiful pictures, pictures that tell a story, catch a mood”, and that is exactly what a John Rawlings’ photograph does.   John Rawlings is a fashion photographer who became famous for his pictures published for Condé Nast from the 1930s to the 1960s.  The beauty of his images is that they sell the lifestyle that goes with the dress.  He started his career as a display artist and caught the eye of Condé Nast through his candid photographs of Saks Fifth Avenue Shoppers.  Rawlings took many glamorous images of beautiful people in beautiful clothing, however, he always created certain ease in his images.  It’s his photographs of resort wear for magazines such as Vogue and Glamour that...
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Nina Leen Finding Beauty In The Ordinary

Nina Leen enjoyed photographing everything, but she had a special way of making the mundane look interesting.  Her subjects included her dog, different species of animals, American women and adolescents, and abstract artists.   The Russian photographer lived in Germany, Italy, and Switzerland before she moved to the United States in the 1940s to become one of the first female photographers for Life Magazine.  Leen ended up shooting 50 cover stories for the publication. Her series of photographs for Life Magazine focused on her fascination with everyday pedestrian life in America.  Leen was known for making her subjects feel comfortable, and that’s why her images of “regular” women have a certain ease to them.   Hussah (Images courtesy of Life Magazine...
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