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Blog — Tales

ecru's inspiration and a look behind the scene of how we make our products

Love Shells with Zeenat

As a kid in the 90’s, i was introduced to seashells by my mum who used this very unusual seashell door curtain at home and preserved it almost like jewels. She also had some ‘Cowrie’ shells in a Little purse in her cupboard. She had saved them because at once they were even used as currency she said! These Cowrie shells have a unique shape and if you venture down around the coasts of southern India, you might find a lot of shops selling engraved Cowries. Some engrave the names of their lovers, some cities and some just engrave quotes.  These Cowries remind me of my mum and her love for seashells which inspired me to create ‘HUB’ Arabic for...
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Kuwait India Trade

The Kuwaiti economy, before the discovery of oil, depended heavily on maritime activities. Kuwait was a center for ship building, pearl diving, and fishing were important commercial activities.  Until 1961 the Indian Rupee was the legal currency.  Indo-Kuwaiti commerce revolved around tad in agricultural goods, textiles, and horses. The trade connection between India and Kuwait is historic.  Many pearl traders and other traders used to take the pearls to sell to Indian businessmen and rulers and Maharajas of Indian states.  Large Kuwaiti fleets would carry the pearls to ports at Karachi, Madras, Mumbai, and the Malabar Islands.  These boats would be packed with dates and return with food commodities.  Due to this connection in trade, Kuwait used the India currency...
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The Star of the Gulf Cinema - Bas Ya Bahar

The film, The Cruel Sea, directed by Khalid Al Siddiq, was the first Kuwaiti films to be produced.  It was selected as the Kuwaiti entry to the Best Foreign Language Film at the 45th Academy Awards.   The first feature filmed made by the state of Kuwait.  The movie depicts Kuwait before the discovery of oil and when fishing and pearl diving was a predominant living.  The movie focuses on a family who were in the pearl diving.  The film is important as it focuses on the connection of the people to the sea.  How it was harsh for the men who went out to sea for their livelihood, and the women who are waiting for them.  The title refers to telling...
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Ya Bahar

Kuwait’s heart beats to the rhythm of its Sea. Its music, its history, its culture and its economy are all intrinsically entwined with the Arabian Sea, connecting it by trade to so many other lands and cultures.  We want to share with you all the beautiful facts and anecdotes we’ve discovered which have to do with Kuwait’s Bahar and our latest collection that is entirely inspired by it. Shop Ramadan Collection.  
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A Night of Romance

It is not a secret that I'm a huge fan of old Hollywood movies.  I've seen a lot of the classics, however, there is a lot I haven't seen yet.  Since Valentine's Day is around the corner, I decided to look in to the old romantic movies to watch.  Here is a list of movies you can binge watch on Valentine's!    Desire, 1936, stars the sultry Marlene Dietrich as a jewelry thief who meets a vacationing Gary Cooper.   Roman Holiday, 1953, is the perfect romantic comedy.  It stars one of my favorite actors, Gregory Peck. If you are missing travel this will take you to 1950s Rome.  Can be streamed on Amazon Prime.     Singing in the Rain, 1952,...
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The Great Mubarikya

My favorite place in Kuwait is Souq Al Mubarikya.  The Souq is the one of the oldest markets in Kuwait and has been around for 200 years. It was the center of trade prior to the discovery of oil.  I love Mubarikya because you can get lost in there for hours.  It’s the perfect place to hunt for antiques, handwoven rugs from Iran or Afghanistan, get authentic Bishts and Farwas (cloaks) buy gold and jewelry, or get the best traditional Arabic perfumes and bukhoor (incense).  Another thing you can shop for is groceries, as there’s a huge produce and spice market, fish market, and meat market.  That’s only half what the market can offer.  Even though, I’ve visited the market...
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The History of the Flea Market Saint Ouen

After the Franco-Prussian war of 1870, the rag-and-bone who had been ousted from Paris built the first merchant villages in Saint-Ouen.  These wandering scavengers were nicknamed "bone pickers", "rag grabbers" and "street grubbers", and also, more poetically, "moonlight sinners" as they would roam through towns at nigh looking for discarded items or rubbish that they went on to sell at markets.   The year 1885 saw the official opening of the Marché aux Puces flea market.  The town of Saint-Ouen rallied together to cleanse and secure the area.  The merchants wishing to sell their wares at Les Puces had to pay for the right to do business there.  The press published several complimentary reports about the market between 1905 and 1914. ...
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The Lebanese Art Scene

My parents were part of an incredible movement of young artists in the 70s, most of whom didn’t realize would become so important in Lebanon’s artistic history. Artists, Calligraphers, Theatre Directors, Gallerists and more. We are lucky to call them friends, I will introduce you to two artists as they continue to inspire me. Etel Adnan A poet, an author, a visual artist and a painting, there is not much that Etel does not touch with out interpreting it and making it her own in the most inspiring ways. We love what she does and at the age of 95 she continues to inspire us. Amine El Bacha We grew up with Amine’s beautiful watercolors spotted around the house, which always...
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Lebanon, A Source of Infinite Inspiration

People often ask me where home is, and it is something I find very difficult to explain. The way I usually put it is that I was raised in Kuwait, Kuwait gave me a culture that was similar but also completely different from my own, a warmth and generosity unparalleled. My work base, Jaipur gave me my passion, it allows me to work with masters, it teaches me new things every day, it is the place where I matured the most surrounded by friends who fast became family.  Beirut, Lebanon, however, is different. Beirut is the chaotic city in which I feel the most comfortable. Both my eyes and my ears are stimulated, passing interactions, moments of warmth in mayhem. It does something to...
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سلام الملح تاتستريح

Today we visit Lebanon, with our illustrated sayings series.  The illustrator Kamal Hakim explains to us the saying, سلام الملح تاتستريح salam almlih ta tis tarih.   When your guest first arrives from travel it is important to allow them to rest before harassing them with questions.  When you ask a favor from a friend and they use this expression as a response it signifies that they need the necessary time to help you.   (Illustration by Kamal Hakim) 
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