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Blog — Tales

ecru's inspiration and a look behind the scene of how we make our products

The Lebanese Art Scene

My parents were part of an incredible movement of young artists in the 70s, most of whom didn’t realize would become so important in Lebanon’s artistic history. Artists, Calligraphers, Theatre Directors, Gallerists and more. We are lucky to call them friends, I will introduce you to two artists as they continue to inspire me. Etel Adnan A poet, an author, a visual artist and a painting, there is not much that Etel does not touch with out interpreting it and making it her own in the most inspiring ways. We love what she does and at the age of 95 she continues to inspire us. Amine El Bacha We grew up with Amine’s beautiful watercolors spotted around the house, which always...
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Lebanon, A Source of Infinite Inspiration

People often ask me where home is, and it is something I find very difficult to explain. The way I usually put it is that I was raised in Kuwait, Kuwait gave me a culture that was similar but also completely different from my own, a warmth and generosity unparalleled. My work base, Jaipur gave me my passion, it allows me to work with masters, it teaches me new things every day, it is the place where I matured the most surrounded by friends who fast became family.  Beirut, Lebanon, however, is different. Beirut is the chaotic city in which I feel the most comfortable. Both my eyes and my ears are stimulated, passing interactions, moments of warmth in mayhem. It does something to...
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سلام الملح تاتستريح

Today we visit Lebanon, with our illustrated sayings series.  The illustrator Kamal Hakim explains to us the saying, سلام الملح تاتستريح salam almlih ta tis tarih.   When your guest first arrives from travel it is important to allow them to rest before harassing them with questions.  When you ask a favor from a friend and they use this expression as a response it signifies that they need the necessary time to help you.   (Illustration by Kamal Hakim) 
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Noor Tehini the Gift of Wellness

Hussah met Noor through their husbands, old college friends, and immediately hit it off.  On a sunny spring day in Sharjah over a pool lunch, they talked about everything and anything.   But what bonded them was their love for their work.  Noor's latest endeavor is Goodness, the Middle East's first platform dedicated to holistic wellness.  She took a detour from her fashion background and decided to focus inwards and saw the space for it in the Middle East.  Always a calming presence that can be heard through her voice on the Goodness Podcast, a podcast that tackles everything women tend to shy away from.  We delved into her world, by gifting her things that can fill her life holistically.  Shop Noor's...
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Shweta Sharma the Gift of Intimate Beauty

Shweta Betty is a Freelance Fashion Editor & Costumier based in Bombay. More specifically in our favorite area of Bombay, Bandra. Bandra is in the north  of Bombay. It is on the sea, has adorable lanes lined with old bungalows, Aunties chatting on benches, balloon vendors walking around with their bikes, cats napping under coconut trees. This is where you will find Shweta Betty.  Her universe, and her color palette are very personal, intimate . The stages she creates are poetic, with a strong sense of aesthetic that uplift the reality of day to day life . She represents for us this precious value we try to encourage with ecru: integrate beauty in our everyday life through rituals and lifestyle. Follow...
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Claire Deroo the Gift of Color

Claire Deroo was raised in Paris and is no stranger to India. She has been frequenting the Pink City regularly since the age of five and has since turned into a permanent resident, much to the happiness of our Nur.  We love Claire's aesthetic, it's vibrant, brave and daring. Claire is someone who really knows how to work with anything she finds, making magic out of very little, and never shies away from boldness . She often surprises us, be it for her color choice and design of precious stones or her ability to decorate and host an event or dinner, or anything that involves a good time really, like you've never seen before. Not to mention her innovative window...
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Prarthna Singh the Gift of Courage

Prarthna is an inspiration. Through her art form she tackles social and political issues in an extremely poignant way that never cease to move and inspire us. She looks at Women through a lens of strength, never victimizing, always empowering, always admiring. Her photographs make us want to dive into the stories of these women, learn from their strengths, their motivation, their encouraging characters. Prarthna does not sugar coat, she tells it how it is, and we love that about her. We also love the work she has done capturing the beauty of the simplest of objects designed and used daily in India, this was the work that introduced us to Prarthna, the book she worked on in collaboration with her closest...
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The Three Queens

"We Come Bearing Gifts, Gifts to share, Gifts to love, Gifts to encourage”  There is nothing more important than to share, and to share beautiful things that hold meaning to encourage people you love to feel good in a moment, to feel brave and loved.  A magical object is an object that holds a secret, that is bound to make someone feel, even for only a moment,  a little spark of excitement. Take a moment for a little fantasy, a mental escape, a moment to dream with the Three Queens.  Gifting us the Bedside Carafe, Marble Hand Box, and the Courageous Heart Locket from our latest Gift Collection.      
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Handmade Signature

Our love for artisans handicraft work is never ending.  How they meticulously make objects using their hands is just mesmerizing.  We love to continuously work with these talented artisans, especially on our Signature Line.  They take great care to carve wood, inlay mother of pearl, and weld metal.   Behind the scene look on our wooden objects.   Our marble objects, piled up and ready to go.   
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Creepy Halloween

It's that time of year again.  All Hallows eve is around the corner, and my favorite thing to do is research old witchy and scary things.  Last year was 1930's Hollywood Occult, this year it is turn or the 20th century costumes.  Some of these costumes are really creepy, and the old daguerrotypes make them feel eerie.  What's your favorite Halloween tradition?  Hussah  (Images courtesy of Pinterest) 
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