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Blog — Nourish

ecru's inspiration and a look behind the scene of how we make our products

Deck the Halls

We love Christmas and all its festivities.  Any excuse for us to decorate and entertain at our home, and we absolutely get on board.  Here's a peek into Nur's Jaipur home decked in it's best. (Images courtesy of ecru) 
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A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Growing up I loved the Charlie Brown holiday specials.  As Thanksgiving is tomorrow, I felt nostalgic for the "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving".  The Charles Schultz comic and cartoon always was fun to read and watch.  Definitely something worth cozying up on the couch to watch this weekend.  Hussah (Images courtesy of Charles Schultz)
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Fresh Overnight Oats

Ingredients:  Milled Down Baby Oats Coconut Almond Milk Shredded Coconut Pinch of Salt Blueberries  Instructions:  Soak baby oats in coconut almond milk overnight.  The next morning add soaked oats in a bowl or jar mix in a pinch of sea salt and pour blueberries over them.  Enjoy a fresh and healthy breakfast!  
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