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1920s Hollywood Occult

The Victorian era saw a rise in people's interest in spiritualism, theosophy, and secret societies. During the turn of the century people began to practice channelling, clairvoyance, Astrology, and past lives. This was due to the mixture of Eastern and Western spiritualism. This kind of thinking and interest flourished in Los Angles during the 1920s.  The city attracted many occults to start their own systems of alternative spirituality.  Film stars immersed themselves in the occult as many paid annual fees to astrologers.

1920s Hollywood Occult


(Source a Steam Punk Opera and Images Courtesy of Eve Magazine, Edward Steichen, and Pinterest) 

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Halloween Decor

It's always fun to seasonally decorate your home.  However, you don't want to go overboard and it look like a haunted house.  Luckily we have a few items in our online shop that would make your Halloween party spookily chic.  You can decorate your table with our black marble pieces such as the Black Hand, Turtle Candlestick Holder, and Black Marble Star.  As a back drop you can have our African Eye Running Fabric, and on the flooring our Eye Jute Rug.  


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It's October, and that only means Halloween spirit all around!  The first thing we do when the month hits is get our playlists ready to get in the mood.  Here's Frank singing about Witchcraft.  


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Vintage Halloween

Happy Halloween!  Here are some little kids in some haunting costumes from the mid-century.  Something always felt eerie about these photos...

(Images courtesy of Pinterest) 

Season of the Witch October 22 2018, 0 Comments


Halloween is around the corner and I am thinking about all the elaborate costumes!  However, it always seems to be my go-to costume is a witch.  Thankfully there are a lot of witchy options online...



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We are in the Halloween spirit at the office.  One of our all-time favorite songs, which is perfect for the season is the "Monster Mash".  Make sure you enjoy the mash! 

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Halloween is around the corner!  The excitement of finding or creating a costume is already upon us.  As an avid fan of old movies and old Hollywood, I went on a search for vintage costumes and stumbled on these retro witches. What's better than a glamorous witch? 


(Images courtesy of Pinterest) 

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