Charming Kuwait February 21 2017, 0 Comments

Our latest set of charms, specifically the Della and Henna Hand were heavily inspired by our Kuwait. These whimsical pieces are embroidered representations of two beautiful traditions in this country.

The Henna Hand reminds us of a simpler time in our childhood, when little girls would emerge from their homes with orange stained palms in anticipation to celebrate something. The forever chic and relevant Della, in its brassy glory - I can smell the coffee already - a staple in all gatherings, happy or sad.

We hope these charms fill your hearts with nostalgia as much as they fill ours. Happy Kuwait month!


(Images courtesy of ecru and Pinterest) 

The Midas Touch December 11 2014, 0 Comments

Who doesn’t love something shiny?  It catches your eye and lets it linger on it, especially gold.  Gold as a metal is bright yellow dense, soft, and malleable which makes it desirable.  We did not use gold itself for our products, but we used it as a color.  For our Zubaidi print we used black and gold for the Holiday Season.  To add the perfect little sparkle to your table. 

Zubaidi Place Mat and Napkins can be found at our shop in shop at AlOthman. 


(Images courtesy of ecru and Pintrest) 


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