Plum Time August 29 2019, 4 Comments


We are in the midst of plum season, which starts in June and ends in October.  We got in that color mood with our latest Ikat Kimono and Robes.  The colors in this vintage Encyclopedia pages are quite inspiring.


(Images courtesy of Pinterest and ecru)     



Pumpkin Spice October 17 2018, 0 Comments

Pumpkin Spice

We are waiting for the weather to get cold so we can get me cozy indoors in our robes.  Especially our new Orange Ikat Robe that reminds us of everything Pumpkin Spice.  

(Images courtesy of Pinterest and ecru)

Sherbert Walls July 17 2017, 0 Comments

There's nothing like drinking or eating an ice cold sherbert in the middle of the summer.  Our latest ikat loungewear reminds me of the color of delicious scoops of sherbert.  Even these walls do!


(Images via Pinterest) 

Almir Mavignier Bold Graphics October 10 2016, 0 Comments

I recently stumbled on Brazilian artist Almir Mavignier's work, and I absolutely love it.  His work is bold, bright, and graphic.  Born in Brazil, Mavignier studied art after his graduation from high school.  He painted his first abstract painting in 1949, and in 1951 he moved to Paris.  In addition to his abstract paintings, he is well known for his graphic posters which are the images that attracted me.   


(Images courtesy of Almir Mavignier)  


Winter Whites November 10 2014, 0 Comments

As the weather gets colder, I cannot help but think about winter whites.  A neutral color that at times might feel stark, but when used in the right way it feels quite calming.  Our white Pomegranate print used in our table linens can be the perfect backdrop for the rich colors of this season's produce.


Pomegranate Napkins can be found here

(Images courtesy of Pintrest and ecru)


In the Navy September 15 2014, 0 Comments

Different shades of blue have been applied before in ecru, but not the chicest of the bunch.  Navy has an elegant feel when used, and we chose to use it in our pomegranate print.  Unlike it's fun pink counterpart, the pomegranate in this shade sets a more grown up feel on the dinner table.  


(Images courtesy of ecru and Pintrest)

Deep Purple August 13 2014, 0 Comments

Purple is rarely found in nature, and for this reason it has a unique quality.  Because it is rare in nature, the color has luxurious feel when used.  Since we love the simple luxuries at ecru, we created a comfy robe in purple.  The best feeling is to wrap yourself in it just after a long relaxing bath or a dip in the pool.   

Robe part of the Purple Mix Kit   


(Images courtesy of Pintrest)

Zesty Lime March 26 2014, 0 Comments

Zesty and aromatic, lime adds the best tang to any meal or drink.  Lime green adds the same kick in a print as an actual lime does in food.  One of the brighter shades of green, we enjoy using the color to add a little liveliness to a print.  And since our Summer 2014 collection is all about the tropics, we couldn’t help adding some lime to it.  


(Images courtesy of Pintrest, Simply Delicious, and ecru)  

Juicy Orange March 10 2014, 0 Comments

Nothing beats the fresh tang of fresh orange juice.  The best thing about an orange is you can eat it and juice it all year long.  As for the color orange, it's bright and happy.  For ecru's latest Little One's collection, we have used orange to cheer up your child's room.  As Frank Sinatra stated, "orange is the happiest color".  


(Images courtesy of ecru, The Year in Food, and Pintrest) 



Hot For Pink February 12 2014, 0 Comments

Valentine's day is so close, we can't help being in a romantic mood...Red might be color of passion, but hot pink can be just as sensual.   Bolder than the other shades of pink, hot pink is playful and we love using it whenever we can in our products.  And it is quite hard to avoid pink during production, as it is "the navy blue  of India". 

Sophia 203 for ecru Charms and Pouches available at our boutique at AlOthman.


(Images courtesy of Pintrest)




Fresh and Green December 18 2013, 0 Comments

The smell of fresh cut grass and pine trees are smells of two different seasons. However, both of these two distinct smells immediately wake you up.  That's why the color green is special to us at ecru.  It is fresh and reminds us of the beauty of nature.  Whether it's the light shades of lush tropical jungles or the deep hue of mountain forests, green will immediately freshen up your home.   


(Images courtesy of ecru and Pintrest)


Everything's Rosy November 18 2013, 0 Comments

With this grey weather you need a little bit of color to cheer you up.  It does not have to be too bold or bright, but something subtle and soft.  Rose pink is a shade that perks you up without being overwhelming.  We have created some products in rose to add a little comfort to your home.  


Rose Crab Head Jali Table Cover 170x250cm sold at 42KD and 170x350cm sold at 52KD.


Images courtesy of Pintrest, Vogue, and ecru


Red Hot October 02 2013, 0 Comments

When the temperature drops,  rich strong colors tend to be used more in clothing and in the home to allude a sense of warmth.  Red is one of these colors that is often used, and you can never go wrong with red.  It is sensual in all its shades. 

For the upcoming fall and winter collection, we've used crimson and vermillion reds to add a little more drama to your home.  We cannot wait until the weather cools down, so we can warm up your home.   


(Images courtesy of ecru, Glitter Guide, and Pintrest) 


Royal Blue August 05 2013, 0 Comments

There is nothing like a rich color to make a space look chic.  Royal blue is one of those colors.  It’s that deep shade of blue that engulfs you like the waves in Hokusai’s prints. 


The name of the color is rumored to have been invented by a miller in Somerset, England who won a dress making competition for the British Queen in the early 1800s.  We love to use royal blue here at ecru, and we cannot wait to introduce you to different prints in this color for the upcoming fall and winter season.  

Crab Floor Cushion sold at 40KD and Sophia 203 for ecru Small Lovebird Pouch sold at 30KD.




(Images courtesty of Hokusai, Vogue Portugal, and ecru) 




Calm Sea-Foam July 08 2013, 0 Comments

Bright colors are invigorating and fun, but at times a subtle soft hue is needed to add a sense of calmness to a space.  One of these pale colors is sea-foam green, which is a wonderful shade we love to work with at ecru.  Since we are captivated by the sea, we want to recreate tints that reflect the many colors of the sea.  

Sea-foam has been used in our first collection  and ecru will be developing similar pigments for our future collections  to add a little tranquility to your home.

Lovebird Pareo sold at 20KD, Sophia 203 for ecru Chevron Teenie Pouch sold at 18KD and Chevron Teenie Tiny Pouch sold at 15KD.


(Images courtesy of Pintrest, Vogue, and ecru)  

Silver Linings June 05 2013, 0 Comments

A shiny object always catches the eye, it immediately invites you in.  That is why, here at ecru, we absolutely love silver.  It’s used whenever we have the chance and we cannot help being drawn to it.  

Silver implies a lot of meanings such as modernity, glamour, and versatility.  The color adds the perfect little shine to your life whether it’s in the thread of your dhurrie, your notebook's cover, or the block print in your dress.  You can’t really turn down it’s allure.

Notebooks sold at 10KD and 6KD each.  


(Images courtesy of Wildfox, Cecil Beaton, Pintrest, and ecru)


Where Troubles Melt Like Lemon Drops January 28 2013, 0 Comments


Don't you love the ray of warm happiness that yellow showers you in? Especially in the cosy greys of winter? We love the contrasting, yet complementing moods of these two colors. Seeing yellow in a print immediately makes you think of soaking in the sun at the beach while sipping sweet lemonade. While grey makes you want to cuddle yourself in an oversized cashmere blanket by the fire. 

At ecru, lemon-drop yellow and chinchilla grey are our two staple colors.

As we are already amidst greys this winter, this post will focus on our lemon-drop, to brighten up your day. The image below is the combination of several pigment pastes to arrive to our definition of the perfect shade of lemon-drop.



As Vincent van Gogh stated, 'How wonderful yellow is.  It stands for the sun.'


(Images courtesy of ecru, Pintrest, Sherri Conley, and Trendy Traveller)   

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