Flora & Fauna Tiles January 21 2020, 0 Comments

Flora & Fauna Tiles

Who wouldn't love a little magic in their bathroom!?  These florae and fauna just add that little extra fantasy in one of the most used rooms in the house.  Each of these bathrooms has it's own fun mood from the tiles.  Here's to a little fantasy in each part of your home! 


(Images courtesy Pinterest, Eaton Fine Art, and House & Garden UK) 

The World of Claymen January 31 2018, 0 Comments

Aman of Claymen

Our latest collection of ceramics are made by the talented Aman Khanna.  Aman is a graphic designer, illustrator, sculptor, and visual storyteller. His studio, Infonuts, is based in New Delhi and the home of his quirky characters.  The characters he creates "from my observation of the common man and his dilemmas. Claymen figures come in peace and maintain silence. Although going through their own existential crises at all times they are mere spectators or observers to the notion that 'man is losing his humanity and becoming a thing amongst the things he produces.'”

(Image Courtesy of Aman Khanna of Claymen) 

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