The Jaipur Fruit Salad January 25 2016, 0 Comments

There is one thing we all have to eat when we go visit Nur in Jaipur, and it's the signature salad of local fruits she makes for us.  We'd like to share the recipe of this delicious and healthy salad.  

We are keeping the za'atar chapati for another day.  


-1 Banana 

-Tablespoon Colso Oil 

-Juice of one Lime

-1 Papaya, chopped

-1 Apple, chopped

-Kernels of 1 Pomegranate

-1 Cup Mix of toasted seeds and nuts, pulsed in a blender


-Make the base of a mashed banana mixed with the colso oil and the lime juice.  Set aside in a bowl.

-Mix in the papaya, apple, and pomegranate with the banana base. 

-Top with toasted seeds and nuts. 

-Serve and eat! 


(Recipe and image courtesy of Nur Kaoukji)