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ecru's inspiration and a look behind the scene of how we make our products

Creepy Halloween

It's that time of year again.  All Hallows eve is around the corner, and my favorite thing to do is research old witchy and scary things.  Last year was 1930's Hollywood Occult, this year it is turn or the 20th century costumes.  Some of these costumes are really creepy, and the old daguerrotypes make them feel eerie.  What's your favorite Halloween tradition?  Hussah  (Images courtesy of Pinterest) 
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A Very Happy Home

Here is the Jaipur home of Juliette Dumerchat, our very own Nur Kaoukji and her husband Livio Delesgues. It is a very happy home responsible for many dinners and wild parties, one of which caught the eye of Architectural Digest India' editor Greg Foster.   I've been lucky enough to stay at Nur's home in Barwara House more than once.  The first time I stayed with Nur in Barwara House was ten years ago.  I fell in love immediately with the magical world she and her roommates, Sophia and Deborah, have created in this beautiful flat.  I remember the delicious dinners and deep conversations we had over the kitchen table.  The second time I stayed there was after our first Pop Up...
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Pink October, A Cause Close To Our Heart

This subject is close to our hearts, literally. So, we wanted to approach it in a meaningful and impactful way. Let’s face it, we all have to be aware of it, so here are some tips and pointers we’ve accumulated for ourselves! Keeping a healthy lifestyle, exercising, limiting saturated fats and maximizing on foods rich in antioxidants are all helpful to keep breast cancer at bay. Good Food List: Leafy Greens, citrus fruits, fatty fish, berries, fermented foods, allium veggies (whatever that means), peaches, apples, pears, cruciferous vegetables, beans and spices! Let’s try to go completely organic or go home, keep those pesticides and hormones out of our systems.  We really try to stick to it, it’s difficult but it’s also...
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Travel With Nur

Home is where your heart is, where the laughter is, where the fantasy is. I found a piece of my home last month at the Gruningers, an extension of our family, between the vineyards of Burgundy.  Three days of pure warmth and generosity and I’m rejuvenated. Viva La Familia! Nur Elizabeth wearing our Striped Queen Dress.  
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Indulgent Bath

Fall is arriving and summer might be over, but the sun is still shining and will be for some time luckily! Take advantage of it as much as you can, soak it in, go orange and coat yourself in carrot pulp for the ultimate tan. (Not for too long of course, we are speaking from experience) Make a soundtrack, listened to it loud while doing something you love. It makes all the difference Freshen up with homemade facials using rose water tonics or cold yoghurt hair masks. Read as much as you can, shorten your screen time and dive into a good book, maybe even one you’ve read before that you know makes you happy. If you are a mama...
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Print Story

This year we feel like celebrating fall in our block printed loungewear.  In the colors of the rusty benches of the souk, warm lavender, moody raspberries, and bright glistening olives. We went back to prints from our Take Me to the Tropics and Dip Me Dye Me collection, to more recent popular prints like the Ikat Print.  The full collection will launch on September 9th, 2020.  Here's a preview of our inspirations for these prints.  Shop our collection here.              
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I've been always fascinated by vintage encyclopedias.  The fact that images of animals were illustrated or etched into the pages for armchair explores is quite astounding.  People had to travel to exotic locations and illustrate and write about what they saw adds to the magic.  As I was researching for this post, I stumbled on the British Library's Flicker site.  They have over a million images available to the public from their library!  I got very excited by their Fauna album that has thousands of images of different animals and creatures.  Below are a few favorites.   We love creating our own Fauna such as Meenu our Tiger Chair, Tiger Tray and collected Fauna Antiques:    (Images courtesy of British Library)  Hussah...
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Turkish Coffee Frappé

Ingredients: 2 heaping spoon Turkish coffee 1 cup water 1 teaspoon sugar (or more for your liking) 1/2 cup milk (or milk alternative) Blocks of ice Method: Make the Turkish coffee to your liking, I would suggest slightly on the stronger side. Add sweetness at this point.  Once made, pour into a blender add the ice and blitz. Then pour in the milk and shake.  Serve over ice and enjoy! (Recipe courtesy of Coco Love Clove)  Featured Product:  Brass Rakwa
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The Perfect Fish Side Salad

Fish is the best summer food, and a perfect meal is not complete without a fresh salad.  This Hula Ginger Vinaigrette Salad, adapted from Half Baked Harvest, is the best salad to have with some grilled fish or shellfish.   Ingredients: 20square wonton wrappers cut into strips (use corn tortillas to make this gluten-free) Salad:  4-8cup spring greens 1/2cup fresh cilantro 1cup fresh pineapple diced 1avocado, sliced 1jalapeno or red chile sliced Vinaigrette:  1/2cup hot chile sesame oil or toasted sesame oil 1/4cup soy sauce 2tablespoons pineapple juice 2tablespoon rice vinegar 1teaspoon chile garlic sauce or sriracha or more to taste 1tablespoon tahini 1lime zested + juiced 2teaspoon fresh ginger grated 1clove garlic grated or minced back and white sesame seeds toasted   Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F. Arrange the wonton strips in a single layer...
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Pearl Diving

On a recent deep dive into pearl diving, I discovered amazing facts about this magnificent profession.  Pearl diving historically can be found all over the world.  In the Americas, there is historical evidence of Native Americans harvesting freshwater pearls from rivers in Mississippi, Ohio, and Tennessee.  Marine pearls came from the Ceribian and the coasts of Central and South America.  As for Asia, pearl diving can be found practiced in the Arabian Gulf, India, Sri Lanka, the Philipines, and Japan.   There is archeological evidence from 6000-5000 BC that proves that life in the Arabian Gulf revolved around the natural pearl.  The Epic of Gilgamesh, a poem from 700 BC Mesopotamia that is among the first recorded examples of literary fiction.  The...
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