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ecru's inspiration and a look behind the scene of how we make our products

Love Shells with Zeenat

As a kid in the 90’s, i was introduced to seashells by my mum who used this very unusual seashell door curtain at home and preserved it almost like jewels. She also had some ‘Cowrie’ shells in a Little purse in her cupboard. She had saved them because at once they were even used as currency she said! These Cowrie shells have a unique shape and if you venture down around the coasts of southern India, you might find a lot of shops selling engraved Cowries. Some engrave the names of their lovers, some cities and some just engrave quotes.  These Cowries remind me of my mum and her love for seashells which inspired me to create ‘HUB’ Arabic for...
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The Hindu: Jaipur’s Design Community is Standing Strong

Our own Nur Kaoukji was featured recently in The Hindu's feature on Jaipur's design's community and how it surviving the pandemic.  We were honored to be featured with many of our peers, that we also call our friends.  The full article written by Surya Praphulla Kumar can be found here.
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The Technicolor Wizar

When I first met Shaivyya I was taken by her bold prints and stark colors which overlapped in the most interesting formation of stripes. I loved what she was doing and her eye, the way she looked and captured the city we both love. We spoke and clicked instantly, despite working at a distance we managed to create a flirty collection of summer dresses using Shaivyya’s mad prints, as well as table cloths that could be doubled as pareos or picnic matts. We created a collection inspired the lungi or wizar, a checkered seafarers garment that can be found all over Asia, from India to Kuwait! Here is our take on it, in technicolor of course.  Nur Shop the collection...
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Kuwait India Trade

The Kuwaiti economy, before the discovery of oil, depended heavily on maritime activities. Kuwait was a center for ship building, pearl diving, and fishing were important commercial activities.  Until 1961 the Indian Rupee was the legal currency.  Indo-Kuwaiti commerce revolved around tad in agricultural goods, textiles, and horses. The trade connection between India and Kuwait is historic.  Many pearl traders and other traders used to take the pearls to sell to Indian businessmen and rulers and Maharajas of Indian states.  Large Kuwaiti fleets would carry the pearls to ports at Karachi, Madras, Mumbai, and the Malabar Islands.  These boats would be packed with dates and return with food commodities.  Due to this connection in trade, Kuwait used the India currency...
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The Star of the Gulf Cinema - Bas Ya Bahar

The film, The Cruel Sea, directed by Khalid Al Siddiq, was the first Kuwaiti films to be produced.  It was selected as the Kuwaiti entry to the Best Foreign Language Film at the 45th Academy Awards.   The first feature filmed made by the state of Kuwait.  The movie depicts Kuwait before the discovery of oil and when fishing and pearl diving was a predominant living.  The movie focuses on a family who were in the pearl diving.  The film is important as it focuses on the connection of the people to the sea.  How it was harsh for the men who went out to sea for their livelihood, and the women who are waiting for them.  The title refers to telling...
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Ya Bahar

Kuwait’s heart beats to the rhythm of its Sea. Its music, its history, its culture and its economy are all intrinsically entwined with the Arabian Sea, connecting it by trade to so many other lands and cultures.  We want to share with you all the beautiful facts and anecdotes we’ve discovered which have to do with Kuwait’s Bahar and our latest collection that is entirely inspired by it. Shop Ramadan Collection.  
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Livio's Laal Maas

Ingredients 20 Red Chili (Can go up to 40 if you’re brave) 1 cup plain yoghurt 1 teaspoon cumin seeds 5 teaspoons of ground fresh coriander 1 teaspoon ground turmeric powder 3 tablespoons of ground garlic 3 medium onions thinly sliced 5 green cardamom pods 3 black cardamom pods 1 Lamb Shank Olive Oil Butter (because Livio loves it!) Directions Discard the stems and deseed the dry chills, let them soak in water for fifteen minutes. Then mix the yoghurt, coriander, turmeric and chilies together and let this mixture rest for ten minutes. In a heavy pan heat some olive oil and add the garlic until fragrant, then add the onions, cardamom pods and stir fry on medium heat until...
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Words of Love with Abdullah Al Awadhi

Two years ago we set on a collaborative journey with our talented friend, the designer and architect Abdullah Al Awadhi. An avid lover of calligraphy, we decided to use his artwork on a linen bisht. His calligraphy consists of different words of love, so we lined our bisht with these words.  A few weeks ago I had a conversation with him about his favorite calligraphy and words of love, about women who inspire him, and how his mother is a constant source of encouragement.  Below you can find the interview in English and Arabic.     Why did you choose to collaborate with ecru? It’s very important, and very hard at the same time, to know your limits.  To know what...
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Indian Remedies

There is no way that I could go about my day or tackle the work I have to do without my support system, which includes many people of course, but today I’m going to tell you about the ones at home. Our team at home consists of three extremely wonderful women who keep our house cosy, clean and warm. We all feel very lucky to have them working with us.  What I love most is their knowledge of Indian remedies. I’ve asked Manbhari ji, Anita ji and Lakshmi ji to share one of each of them with you. Manbhari Ji Whenever we have had a fever, or more violently, when Livio had dengue, Manbhari ji would pick a leaf from...
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A Night of Romance

It is not a secret that I'm a huge fan of old Hollywood movies.  I've seen a lot of the classics, however, there is a lot I haven't seen yet.  Since Valentine's Day is around the corner, I decided to look in to the old romantic movies to watch.  Here is a list of movies you can binge watch on Valentine's!    Desire, 1936, stars the sultry Marlene Dietrich as a jewelry thief who meets a vacationing Gary Cooper.   Roman Holiday, 1953, is the perfect romantic comedy.  It stars one of my favorite actors, Gregory Peck. If you are missing travel this will take you to 1950s Rome.  Can be streamed on Amazon Prime.     Singing in the Rain, 1952,...
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